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الأحد, شباط/فبراير 24, 2019

Drilling And Reservoir Engineering

Drilling And Reservoir Engineering

  1. Advanced Drilling Technology
  2. Advanced Geosteering
  3. An Introduction to Petroleum Exploration for Non-Geologist
  4. Applied Project Management for Drilling Projects
  5. Applied Reservoir Engineering
  6. Basic Drilling Technology
  7. Basic Petroleum Engineering and Drilling
  8. Basic Petroleum Geology and Geophysics
  9. Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
  10. Carbonate Reservoir Field Trip program
  11. Coring and Core Analysis
  12. Dipmeter and Image Analysis
  13. Directional Drilling
  14. Driller Upgrading Program
  15. Drilling - The First look
  16. Drilling Engineering
  17. Drilling Fluid Engineering
  18. Drilling Operations
  19. Estimation of Oil Gas Reserves
  20. Floorhand for Land Drilling
  21. Floorhand for Service Rigs
  22. Geologic Applications of Logging Data
  23. Geology in Wellsite Operations
  24. Horizontal Drilling
  25. Introduction to Drilling and Completions
  26. Introduction to Petroleum Reserves and Economics
  27. Introduction to Reservoir Studies
  28. Introduction to the Oil and Gas Exploration and Industry
  29. Introduction to Well Servicing
  30. Reservoir Characterization: A Multi-disciplinary Approach
  31. Reservoir Engineering
  32. Reservoir Evaluation
  33. Reservoir Fluid Properties
  34. Service Rig Leadership and Communication

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