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Process And Chemical Engineering

Process And Chemical Engineering

  1. Advanced Flare Recovery Systems
  2. Advanced Natural Gas Processing
  3. Advanced Oil Refinery from Crude Oil to Petroleum Products
  4. Advanced Petroleum Refinery Technology
  5. Alkylation Process
  6. Applied Petroleum and Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering
  7. Basic Distribution and Handling of LPG
  8. Basic Gas
  9. Basic Gas Chromatography - Principles and Applications
  10. Basic Refinery Technology for Non-Technical Staff
  11. Boiler and Steam Generation System
  12. Boiler Water Treatment and Steam Production
  13. Building Operational Excellence in the Processing Industry
  14. Bulk Storage Tanks
  15. Catalyst in Peroleum and Petrochemical Industries
  16. Catalyst in Refining and Petrochemicals
  17. Cement Technology
  18. Chemical Engineering for Other Engineers
  19. Control of Exothermic Chemical Reactions
  20. Crude Distillation Process - Process Design and operations Troubleshooting
  21. Crude Distillation Unit Design and Process
  22. Design Guidelines for Utilizing Process Engineering Simulation Software in the Real World
  23. Distillation Technology
  24. Distillation Technology Atmospheric and Vacuum Process
  25. Ethylene Furnace Design and Operation
  26. Fundamentals of Refinery Catalyctic Process
  27. Fundamentals of the Petrochemicals Industry (Aromatics)
  28. Fundamentals of the Petrochemicals Industry (Ethylene)
  29. Gas Compressor's Operators Course
  30. Gas Conditioning and Processing Course for Juniors
  31. Gas Fluidization Technology
  32. Gas Processing and Process Control
  33. Gas Sweetening and Acid Gas Removal (Amine Gas Treating)
  34. Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery
  35. Gas Technology
  36. Hydrogen and Hydrocracking Technology
  37. Hydrogen Production Operations
  38. Hydrogen Production Technology
  39. Hydro-Treating Technology
  40. Inroduction to Process Engineering Simulation Software
  41. Introduction to Gas Processing
  42. Introduction to Natural Gas Processing
  43. Introduction to Oil and Gas Production and Equipment
  44. Introduction to Petrochemicals
  45. Laboratory and Operation Planning
  46. Methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery
  47. Natural Gas Engineering
  48. Natural Gas Production Processing and Transportation
  49. Petrochemical Refining and Petrochemical Business
  50. Process Engineering
  51. Refinery Programming, Scheduling and Blending Exconomics
  52. Refining LNG Technology
  53. Refining Overview and Other Specifics
  54. Refining Process, Economics and Pollution
  55. Types of Vertical Tanks
  56. Fluid Catalytic Cracking

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