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Marine And Offshore

Marine And Offshore

  1. ADIOS Computer for Oil Spill in Water
  2. Boat Driving
  3. Bunkering Procedures
  4. Combined Company and Ship Security Officer
  5. Crew Resource Management
  6. CSO Course in accordance with the ISPS Code
  7. Electrical & Control Engineering
  8. Emissions to Air (MARPOL Annex VI)
  9. EU Port Security Officer Course
  10. Fire Emergency Response Team Leader
  11. High Level Briefing
  12. Hull Inspections
  13. International Port Ship and Port Security Code
  14. ISPS Overview for all Port Facility Personnel
  15. Management of Major Emergencies OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies for both onshore and offshoreTraining Course
  16. Marine Fire Fighting Course
  17. Marine Maintenance Management
  18. Marine Mechanical Engineering (Basics)
  19. Marine Oil Spill Response
  20. Marine Surveillance and Navigation Training of Instructors
  21. Maritime Security Officer
  22. Metallurgy and Welding for Marine Applications
  23. Offshore Control Room Emergency Operators Fire Fighting.
  24. Oil Spill Cooperative "Boat Handling"
  25. Oil Spill Response Plans - Port and Harbours
  26. On Board Ship Security
  27. Open Diving
  28. Port & Ship Security Procedures
  29. Port Facilities Security
  30. Port Facility Security Officer
  31. Port Management ISPS Awareness Overview
  32. Port Safety Plans
  33. Port Security Drill Training
  34. Port Waste Training (MARPOL Annexces 1-VO)
  35. Risk Management Awareness in the Marine Industry
  36. Safer Handling of LPG 2 - Ship/ Shore Transfer and Refrigerated Storage
  37. Safety Management System for Ports
  38. Sea Survival Course
  39. Ship & Port Marine Fire Fighting Course
  40. Ship Security Drill Training

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