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السبت, شباط/فبراير 23, 2019

Project Management

Project Management

  1. Advanced and Successful Contract Planning and Tenders Management
  2. Advanced Contract and Tenders Management
  3. Advanced Project Management
  4. Advanced Project Planning
  5. Applied Project Management for Drilling Projects
  6. Balanced Scorecard Implementation and Strategic Management
  7. Business Administration Management
  8. Business Management
  9. International Joint Ventures
  10. International Petroleum Agreement Negotiations
  11. International Petroleum Management
  12. Negotiating Internation Petroleum Agreements
  13. Optimum Maintenance Operation Management and Planning
  14. Planning, Budget and Cost Control
  15. Planning, Organizing and Time Management
  16. Practical Approach for Quality Processes Management
  17. Project Appraisal and Risk Management
  18. Project Management for Front Line Supervisors
  19. Project Management in Engineering
  20. Project Management Professional
  21. Project Management Skills
  22. Project Management Strategies
  23. Project Management, Principles and Issues
  24. Project Planning, Scheduling and Control in the Oil and Gas Industry
  25. Project Risk Management
  26. Quality Assurance Techniques
  27. Quality Tools and Processes
  28. Quantity Surveying in Project
  29. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

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