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الثلاثاء, كانون1/ديسمبر 11, 2018

Management And Leadership

Management And Leadership

  1. 21st Century Strategic Decision and Leadership Management
  2. Advanced Management
  3. Advanced Supervisory Skills - Supervisor Development Program
  4. Basic Supervisory Skills
  5. Building High Performance Team and Successful Leadership
  6. Building Skills for Team Work
  7. Coaching and Developing
  8. Communication and Team Building
  9. Counseling and Leadership Skills for Supervisors and Middle Managers
  10. Enhancing Leadership Skills with Effective Interpersonal Interaction
  11. Fundamentals and Practice of Effective Supervisory Skills
  12. Implementing Quality Tools
  13. Management Report Writing
  14. Modern Management
  15. Six Sigma
  16. Supervisory Management and Leadership Competencies
  17. The Management Development Program
  18. The Managerial Competencies for the 21st Century
  19. Change and Strategic Management

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