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السبت, شباط/فبراير 23, 2019

HR Management

HR Management

  1. Appraising, Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring Techniques
  2. Competency Based Approach for Training and Development
  3. Difficult Employees
  4. Experential Learning and Facilatator Techniques
  5. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management - A Competency Based Approach
  6. Job Description Techniques and Evaluation
  7. Managing Training - A Proactive Approach
  8. Manpower and Succession Planning
  9. Mentor and Instructor Training
  10. Modern Techniques in Personnel Handling
  11. Performance Appraisal
  12. Promotion, Transfer and Termination
  13. Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection of Potential Employees
  14. Salaries and Incentives
  15. Training Assessor
  16. Training Coordinators Workshop
  17. Training Needs Analysis
  18. Advanced Administration and Office Manegment Skills
  19. Advanced Management
  20. Advanced Office Management and Administrative Skills
  21. Basic of Personnel Administration
  22. Effective Payroll (Accounting and Administration)
  23. Filing and Documentation
  24. Simplification of Work Processes

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